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Timer is our first of many TV Production apps to come.  A very simple Countdown Timer designed for TV Production, but can be used by anyone.   

I have been waiting for a long time for a very basic and simple Timer like this one.  

Is designed to enter time very quickly, for live TV Productions.   No glaring graphics or complicated menus or buttons.  Just very simple punch in the numbers and press start and accurate countdown time. 


  • Quick number entering.  No dials, just numbers and press start.
  • Accurate countdown
  • Continues to countdown in background mode.  So you can go into other apps and come back to your countdown.
  • No disturbing graphics or bright colours.  Just black font on white background.  
  • No sounds or bells or whistles to disturb you during a show. 
  • Stop and Reset buttons
  • Font changes to Blue when you reach 30secs
  • Font changes to Red at 15secs.
  • Easy to read large font.
  • Large START button.
  • Counts down in hours,  minutes and seconds.

Sometimes the simple things are the best

iphone and ipad only, ios 11.1 and higher