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Timer Pro Instructions

Time is of the essence in live situations, so we have created a lot of shortcuts in our coding to save you time. There are no dials, just touch the time area and enter new time. No need to enter 2 numbers either, for eg. 05 for 5 secs. Just enter 5 and it will automatically add the 0.

You can either store a time in the rundown or simply enter it into the timer and press start.


Our new feature counts down to the On Air Time. Simply press the blue on air space at the top of the rundown. This will bring to you the ‘Edit On Air Time’ screen. Type in the on air time in 24hr format. EG. 7.30pm is 19:30:00. Press ‘Save’ and it will automatically commence countdown to this time. Note that it uses the time from your Apple device. This is usually set the global time via the web, but always perform a clock check with your Presentation department to double check.

If you close the app and then re-open, your on air will still be displayed but the countdown will have stopped. Simply go back into the Edit screen and press ‘save’ again for the countdown to commence.


Click "+"  to go to the edit/Add details
Enter your Item No. 
Type in the description (up to a max of 20 spaces)
Enter your time.  Just press tap on the appropriate section.  Either secs, mins or hrs.   
Press Save and will take you back to the rundown screen. 

Your new item will be placed at the bottom of your rundown. 

If you don't want to add anything, just press cancel and you will return to rundown with nothing saved. 

Repeat this for all items of your rundown.


Timer Pro makes it very easy to edit or move rows very quickly. 

To move a row, just hold the row for approx 1 sec and then slide your finger to where you want the row to be inserted. That's it. All done. It will automatically save your new rundown and location of your newly moved row.

If you need to scroll whilst moving a row, we find it easiest to move the row to the bottom of your device, then release and scroll the view, then rehold your row and move again.

To edit the time or description, just click on the 'EDIT' button and it will take you to the Edit/Add Details screen. Amend what is required and then press save. It will overwrite the edited row.

Perfect for any last minute changes whilst on air. All edit and row re-orders can be done whilst the timer is running. Except for the current TX row. This is locked and cannot be moved, however you can move all other rows around it. So if something changes whilst you are counting down a VT, no problem, keep an eye on the duration by leaving the TX/Timer screen on your right and then change rundown on your left


Whilst in rundown, highlight the row you wish to send to TX Mode (Timer screen).  
Press the Red TX Button with arrow.
You will then see this time appear on the TX/Timer Screen, with the heading changing to the description from your row.
Then press 'Start' and it will commence countdown.

The timer will also appear on the TX Row in the Rundown.

If you are in TX Mode (have a timer running), you cannot send another timing from the rundown. The other rows will remain locked. To send another time, you must first stop the current timer and then select the new row and press the TX button to send this new time. This is to prevent the original time being overwritten.

Only 1 timer can be activated at once.


The timer is automatically set to CountDown mode, unless you explicity tell it to count up, by moving the 'Stopwatch' slider to on.  

However if you send another time from the Rundown it will reset to Countdown. This is a safeguard so you don't forget to change the 'Stopwatch' back to off.

If you wish for something in your rundown to Countup, instead of Countdown, just set your time in your rundown item to zero. When you transfer this row to TX Mode, it will automatically detect to commence counting up. This ideal for interviews etc.


Our Quick Time Save feature is ideal for keeping track of times in Rehearsals.  Whilst in either Countdown or StopWatch mode, press Save on the Timer Screen, and it will save the time displayed.   This will appear on the bottom of your rundown, centered with no description.  

Very useful for timing various items in rehearsals as you can keep track of the durations to different parts in a segment. Just find the time and then press 'edit' to enter a description then save back into your rundown.


We don’t believe in any flashing lights or audio distractions whilst on air, so we have a subtle visual cue to alert you that time is ending. At 30 secs the text colour will change to blue and at 15 secs the text will change to red.